These works on paper are formal constructions using color and geometric shape
derived from quilt patterns, tile pavements, and abstract sources. Piecing together
on my sewing machine neatly cut and rearranged fragments of watercolor washes
and recycled paintings I grow pattern, making visual a rhythmical sensibility
composed of design and color, paper, string and thread.  Musings, diaries and
recollections are codified and re-formed, restructuring and stitching together what is
When seen flattened inside a frame, threads flying, these art quilt paintings are
removed from the functional aspects of quilt making and beg to be considered in
new light. The traditional domestic art form of piecing and quilting involves the maker
in hours of quiet introspection.

Taking a more painterly approach to this same meditative process, using paint and
paper rather than fabric, I intend for my work to reference and acknowledge
traditional quilt making while exploring a wider aesthetic realm.
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